Neha Vedpathak
Space is the most important aspect of my work. This space and minimal forms exist in blended harmony, which are receptive and breathing. Subtlety is another key aspect of my work. For me the unsaid says the most, making each expression imperative. I work using different materials like handmade paper, mirror and natural substances like turmeric, flowers, leaves and soil. I endeavor to manipulate these media to explore a number of visual possibilities in the realms of subtlety and minimalism. Using indigenous methods I am addressing contemporary spaces. I am interested in how these objects respond to change in light, space, environment and time. Imagery is seeped with interchanging meaning and references yet I urge the viewer to perceive the works purely on their visual manifestation. It is an inquiry on a perceptual and tactile level. Deductions of these investigations are
organic and malleable in respect to their installation, making the objects transient and active. I believe participation of the viewer is essential, which completes the work of art. It puts the viewer in the simple situation of observation. Through my Drawing/ Painting/ Sculptures/ Installation, I am asking questions, answers to which are found in my art practice, making way for more questions. I want to break the limits of physical objects by approaching subjectivity via constantly changing vocabulary.